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Don’t Use AI Software or Tools

The use of AI is strictly prohibited in academic institutes and organizations. AI-written content can be easily detected by various AI detecting websites such as Turnitin and Detectable. Till today, there is no AI tool or software available that can beat human paraphrasing. AI is very good in conducting research and gathering data but certainly not good for paraphrasing or writing content all alone. AI lacks human perspectives, sarcasm, emotions, and at times, it is factually incorrect.

Using AI for paraphrasing purposes is highly not recommended since it primarily uses synonyms to paraphrase the content regardless of the actual context of the content that ruin the essence of the content. On top of that, if an individual is caught (which is easier through various websites) using AI for writing his/her content, the consequences could be severe. Therefore, it is highly recommended to paraphrase your content by yourself or if an individual is not capable to paraphrase himself/herself due to shortage of time or bad writing skills, hire an expert human paraphraser.